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Our company, Confecciones Anitex SL. is an apparel textile company founded in 1985 dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, wholesale and import between different countries around the world including Bangladesh, India, China, Egypt and Turkey. Additionally, we are the designers and creators of all our collections.

In 1980 we created our brand Kamu Barcelona, which is widely known in national and international collections thanks to our fine designs, quality and price of men and women swimwear clothing. Always trying to innovate and compete in the market, in 2008 we created our new brand Xastra in which we focused on a more modern, younger and fashionable audience. The next brand that joined the prestigious collections of our company is Bikini Factory; founded in 2010 in which we started our new line in beach towels and beach items sold in all the Spanish and French coasts. Thanks to our reputation, we gained the Official distribution of various licensed towels. Last but the least, in 2014 we created our new brand aimed to only women clothes and garments called Pushkar.

Our aim and goal is to continue growing and creating new collections to offer our customers the best service, quality and price.

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